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                 1957 - 2016

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You can submit photos for this page by emailing them to webmaster at (see note below regarding email addresses). I would prefer pictures to be sent in JPG format. If you have an explanation for each photo that I can use as a caption it will make the display more appealing. If you have any questions just send me an email.

Pictures that are sized to approximately 640 x 426 pixels (4x6 inch print) and 30-50kb in size work best for lower bandwidth connections to the site.  I have a freeware program that can reduce to this format.  It is included here if you would like to downsize them prior to sending them to me.  Warning, the file is a 2.5mb installation program which may take a while to download via dialup.

2014 MAD (Photos taken by Scott Anderson)

2015 Father Hennepin Event (Photos taken by Tim Wirtz)

Micro Pylon June 2008 (Photos taken by Pat Dziuk)

Micro Pylon May 2008 (Photos taken by Wayne Rademacher and Pat Dziuk)

2007 Season Finale (Photos taken by Mike Timmerman and Larry Dziuk)

Fall Float Fly 2007 (Photos taken by Scott Anderson and Jim Cook)

Aerial Photos of MAD 2007 (Photos taken by Jay Bickford)

Model Aviation Day 2007 (Photos taken by Scott Anderson and Jim Cook)

Model Aviation Day 2006 (Photos taken by Scott Anderson)

2006 Flood Waters Recede  (Photos taken by Pat Dziuk on May 18th.  Jordan River Level - 20 feet)

2006 Annual TCRC Auction (Photos taken by various members)

January All Season Flyers (Photos taken by Jim Cook)

TCRCer's at the Dome (Photos taken by Jim Ronhovde and Jay Bickford)

December 2005 - All Season Flyers (Photos taken by Pat Dziuk)

2005 TCRC Banquet (Photos taken by Scott Anderson)

November 2005 All Season Flyers (Photos taken by Scott Anderson)

Season Finale 2005 (Photos taken by Jim Cook)

Fall Float Fly 2005 (Photos taken by Pat Dziuk, Jim Cook, Scott Anderson and Rick Smith)

Model Aviation Day 2005 (Photos taken by Pat Dziuk and Jay Bickford)

Wings of the North 2005 (Photos taken by Gerry Dunne of the Wings of the North Air Show in Eden Prairie - TCRC shared a booth to educate the public about our hobby)

Runway Seal Coating (Photos taken by Jay Bickford of seal coating via his Slow Stick with camera)

From the Air at the Stone Arch Bridge (Photos taken by Jay Bickford in Minneapolis via his Slow Stick with camera.  Warning, some of the hi-resolution pictures are 2MB in size)

From the Air in St. Paul (Photos taken by Jay Bickford in St. Paul via his Slow Stick with camera)

Fairgrounds from the Air (Photos by John Kossieck take at the electric fun fly)

2005 Building Contest (2005 Building Contest Photos)

Starting Benches (Serial Number 1 and 2 Starting Benches built by Mike Timmerman and Pat Dziuk)

Toledo Trip -2005 (Photos by Scott Anderson)

Winter Fun Fly - March 2005 (Photos by Scott Anderson and Rick Smith)

TCRC 29th Annual Auction - February 2005 (Photos by Scott Anderson and Pat Dziuk)

UMN Robot Drop (Pictures from January 8th - Includes Aerial Photos by Jay Bickford)

New Years Day - January 2005 (Pictures by Scott Anderson)

November 6, 2004 (Pictures by Jay Bickford)

Season Finale 2004

Fall Float Fly 2004

Electric Fun Fly August 28, 2004

More - Model Aviation Day 2004 Photos (From Scott Anderson, Jay Bickford and Bruce Anthony)

Model Aviation Day 2004

Park Rapids Fun Fly 2004

Siren Float Fly 2004

2004 Flood

2004 Building Contest

2004 Spring Float Fly

Warm and Sunny April 3rd, 2004

Spring has Arrived!

March Winter Fun Fly

Warm February afternoon

February 2004 All Season Flyer

TCRC 28th Annual Auction - February 2004

2004 January All Season Flyer Kickoff

2003 All Season Flyer Celebration

2002 TCRC Auction

2002 Spring Float Fly

2002 Building Contest and Fun Fly


Note:  In an attempt to keep spammers from harvesting email addresses from our site you will need to manually reconstruct the email addresses on this site.  To do this replace the " at " with @ and include after the @ symbol and remove any spaces.